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Shikimic acid


Product Name: shikimic acid
       Product specifications: content of more than 98%
       Source: eight pod
       EC number: 205-334-2
       CAS number: 138-59-0

Supply information
The current price: welcome to inquire
       Minimum quantity: does not limit
       Supply aggregates: does not limit
       Warranty period: 12 months
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Product use: star anise is a commonly used seasoning spice. The oil is commonly used as a spice. Agent, toothpaste, tooth powder is mainly used for the deployment and some wine, food flavor; in the deployment of some cosmetics, soap flavor also use small amounts of. Medicine as a happy, Qufeng, antitussive agents. This oil can be isolated from anethole, and use for preparing anisic aldehyde and anisic alcohol fragrance raw materials

Safety: Chinese GB2760-1996 approved for use in food flavor.