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Natural Anethole

Product name: Natural Anethole
      Tech-data: trans-anethole 99.5% min.
      Cis-anthole 2% max.
      Congealing point 21ºC or above.
      Production: purified from star anise oil
      FEMA Code:2086
      FDA Code:182.60
      CoE Code: 183
      CAS NO: 104-46-1 

Supply information
      Min.order quantity: 200Kg
      Packing: galvanized iron drum,200Kg each net.
      Delivery: within 10 days

apperance: white crystal
Solubility: insoluble in water,soluble in most organic solvents
melting point: 23℃
boiling point: 234~237℃
Specific gravity: 0.9880
Refraction index: 1.5600
Odor: anise
Application: used as flavour and fragrance materials,food and liquor flavoring,pharmaceutical ingredient
Safety: It is also used as food flavoring with approval of China (GB 2760-1996).