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Product name: Star Anise Fruit
      Colour: brown (sun dried)
      Moisture: 12% min.
      FEMA Code: 2095 
      FDA Code: 182.10
      CoE Code: 238

Supply information
      Min. Order Quantity: 1000Kg
      Packing: 15Kg per carton
      Shelf life:

Chemical composition: It contains volatile oil, which includes anethole, etragole, anisic aldehyde, anisyl acetone and Phellandrene,etc.
      Characters: It is mild and tastes pungent, which is made up of eight corners, like a star. It is picked during autumn and winter when it becomes yellow from greenness, then making it dry directly or after put it into boiling water for a moment. 
      Function: It can cure warming yang for dispelling cold, smoothing circulation and stopping pain,stomach cold and vomit.
from Whanshan anise plantation in Guangxi without containing any preservatives and harmful agro-chemicals